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Transfer Rumor: Toni Sanabria, Barcelona B Ingenue, Rumored to Be Joining Arsenal

The 17-year-old Paraguayan striker, drawing comparisons to Messi, Fabregas, and possibly Jesus, is the latest January striker rumor to get excited about (or immediately dismiss).

Talented Barca teen coming to Arsenal? Reminds me of this guy.
Talented Barca teen coming to Arsenal? Reminds me of this guy.
Dean Mouhtaropoulos

Only sixteen days until that transfer window slides open? Perfect time for another transfer rumor -- and this one's particularly enticing. Barcelona has a 17-year-old Paraguayan national on its squad named Antonio Sanabria -- he's being compared to Lionel Messi for his size and skill set. If the rumored five-year deal materializes, it's reminding enough English media folks of Arsene Wenger's tutelage of Cesc Fabregas that they're jumping all over that Barca-to-Arsenal storyline as well.

Here's what the various papers are saying: The Mirror claims there's a £3.6 million buyout clause, while the Daily Mail says he'll be priced at a much more manageable £300,000, and that Arsenal will successfully fend of Roma for Sanabria's signature. The Metro's story mirrors the Daily Mail's and features reader comments from "readers" who have questionable command of the English language.

Arseblog weighs in by noting that he's more of a Sanogo-style project than a seasoned striker ready to plug in for Olivier Giroud, so we can go ahead and keep the Pato, Marica, Morato, and Mitroglou rumors in play, as well as the impossible dream of a January bid for Luis Suarez, even though he's the key player in Liverpool's title run and the whole £40,000,001 bid didn't go over all that well.