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Arsenal Ladies defeat Chelsea to win FA Cup

A dominant performance ended in yet another trophy for Arsenal Ladies.

winners, yet again
winners, yet again
Ben Hoskins/Getty Images

Arsenal Ladies dominated Chelsea from the start, and while they weren't as efficient with their chances as they perhaps could have been, it didn't matter – Danielle Carter's wondergoal was enough, and Arsenal won 1-0 to lift their record 14th FA Cup.

The game's only goal came after 18 minutes, as Carter received a long ball from midfield on the left flank and set to work immediately ruining Chelsea right back Hannah Blundell. The England youth international had no way to stop Carter, who juked to get Blundell off-balance before cutting inside to unleash a wicked curler from the top of the box. It was perfectly directed into the far top corner of the goal; goalkeeper Hedvig Lindahl had no chance, and it was 1-0.

Arsenal continued creating chances for the remaining 80+ minutes, but were unable to convert any of them (sound familiar? No word on whether Olivier Giroud started at striker) but unlike the men's team, that profligacy didn't come back to bite them. Chelsea never managed a serious attack, and at the final whistle Arsenal were champions again.

This is Arsenal's 14th FA Cup win on the ladies' side, which is a record. Unlike the men's team record, nobody else is close. Southampton has eight wins, but their last one was in 1981, so they're not exactly nipping at our heels. Compared to the men's team's one-cup lead over Manchester United, it's positively unreal. The FA Cup is definitely at home in N5, whichever Arsenal team you're talking about.