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Chris Coleman needs to shut his mouth about Aaron Ramsey and Arsenal

The Wales manager is not impressed by Arsenal's handling of Aaron Ramsey, and he said some pretty silly things regarding just that.

Harry Trump/Getty Images

Chris Coleman, manager of Wales, angrily stomped his feet, cried, and threw a petty tantrum about not getting Aaron Ramsey back in time for their next rounds of World Cup qualifiers:

Having been given the nod from the Gunners that Ramsey was not fit to travel, Coleman continued, "He doesn’t belong to us, he’s Arsenal’s player and it’s their call, they pay his wages, and if that’s the decision they made it’s up to them.

"We don’t know exactly what he does every day at Arsenal. They’re a great club, but it’s disappointing to lose a player of his importance. You always look at their history in training, his loading, the games he’s played and you ask could that injury have been prevented?"

Yeah, Chris, actually it is ultimately up to Arsenal. We're talking about a player who's suffered four hamstring injuries, and two thigh injuries, in the last two-and-a-half years. Not to mention we're talking about a player who showed up to Arsenal this fall off the back of playing in every UEFA Euro 16 match he was eligible in this summer.

And what's with the snide comments about Arsenal's injury history? Should we not forget Rambo's injury while on Wales duty in 2014 that was the catalyst for his continued ill-health through the 14/15 season? I didn't hear Arsene Wenger and the club - who, as you know, pay his wages - complaining about his overuse in a match versus freaking Andorra that led to his hammy going kaplooey.

Coleman's comments read like someone who leads off by saying "No offense, but", and then goes on to say a whole bunch of offending things. You can't qualify comments like "Arsenal always hurts their players" with "but it's their decision to do with their player as they wish." Just be upfront and honest about being a moron. Until Wales pays Aaron Ramsey's wages on a weekly basis, it's entirely within Arsene Wenger's rights to prohibit a player who's been out since early August to go play for the international team he featured in heavily right before his injury he suffered playing for the club that pays him to play.

Chris Coleman, from what I've read, is a pretty smart guy. But he needs to shut his damn mouth when it comes to how Arsenal treat and limit their players to prevent future injury risk.