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Arsenal vs. Sunderland FA Cup injury news: Alexis out, Arteta available, Rosicky returning soon

The walking wounded are starting to return – but not everyone's ready.

Ross Kinnaird/Getty Images

Some good news from Arsène Wenger on the injury front, as Arsenal are starting to get some players back. Sadly, though, everyone's favorite Chilean is yet to return. Overall, though:

The team news is that, from last week, we have no big injuries, and the squad will be similar to the squad who played the last game against Newcastle. Will a young player or two start? I haven’t decided yet.

Alexis Sanchez is not ready to play this weekend, but should be back soon. "It is a precaution because of his hamstring, and it takes a few more days. He’s not bad but he’s not ready," Wenger said. But Tomas Rosicky "is in full training," and Mikel Arteta "is available." So that's good!

The former starting central midfielders are also doing well, with Francis Coquelin and Santi Cazorla both making good progress. Cazorla could be back early, but Arsène isn't counting on it.

Nothing’s changed [from the original timescale] with Santi. It could be a bit shorter with him because he’s often quicker [to recover] than you expect him to be.

But seriously, who's playing this weekend?

The thinking is to give absolutely everything to qualify. We are the holders of the cup and I know as well by experience that it is very important that you get in the competition and that you have a successful third round. It’s a tricky one, always, the third round.

Sounds like a strong team will feature, but we still don't know just how strong.