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Mesut Özil to miss match against Stoke with possible injury

The linchpin of the Arsenal team is absent today.

Shaun Botterill/Getty Images

According to Sky, Mesut Özil will not be in the squad for today's Arsenal match against Stoke CityThe Express reported yesterday that Özil had missed training ahead of the match, which in and of itself doesn't mean much – he's been missing training a lot lately, intentionally to get some rest. But now that he's also missing the match, that raises a question as to whether it's for rest or for injury.

According to Arsenal legend Ray Parlour, it may be the latter.

We haven't heard much either way about a potential injury, so I have no idea whether or not Parlour actually has inside information or if he's just Saying Things. I suppose we'll have to wait to hear from Arsène Wenger after the match to learn more about Özil's situation.

The (moderately) good news, though, is that Mohamed Elneny is evidently to make the team.

UPDATE: According to the club, it's a "slight" foot injury.