IKTS Cup: Part 11: At Porto in the UEFA CL.

The Gunners were not involved in the FA Cup or in the EFL Cup, but the IKTS Cup competition for the 2023-2024 season has been expanded, as the previous versions of the IKTS Cup competition were restricted to very few games. If participants feel that this is an overexpansion, please let me know so to slightly scale down the 2024-2025 Cup IKTS completion.

Scores for this part:

Geaux_HR 18 (2)
Seidman 18 (1)
skinnejay 16 (2)
ben from portsmouth 11 (0)
Ray from Norfolk 11 (0)
hansdampf 10 (1)
Sonny from Suffolk 1 (0)

Stars for this part: Geaux_HR is first on 18 points (and two correct IKTS predictions) with Seidman in second also on 18 points (but only one correct IKTS prediction) while skinnejay is in third on 16 points (and two correct IKTS predictions) but ben from portsmouth and Ray from Norfolk are only one point outside the podium while hansdampf is two points outside the podium.

Clever picks for this part: There were six exact predictions:
Everton versus Luton (Geaux_HR)
Sheffield Wednesday versus Coventry (skinnejay)
Watford versus Southampton (Geaux_HR and Seidman)
West Bromwich Albion versus Wolverhampton (skinnejay and hansdampf)

Crisis pick for this part: A collective crisis as none of the participants expected Maidstone to beat Ipswich.

Standings after Part 10:

skinnejay 177 (16)
Seidman 166 (18)
Ray from Norfolk 164 (13)
ben from portsmouth 151 (13)
hansdampf 147 (7)
Sonny from Suffolk 141 (11)
Geaux_HR 134 (11)

After Part 10, skinnejay leads Seidman by eleven points and Ray from Norfolk by thirteen points.

Upcoming schedule:

Champions League: First legs of first knockout round: Tuesday February 13, Wednesday February 14, Tuesday February 20, and Wednesday February 21:

Leipzig - Real Madrid
Copenhagen - Manchester City
Lazio - Bayern
PSG - Real Sociedad
Inter - Atletico
PSV - Dortmund
Porto - Arsenal
Napoli - Barcelona

EFL Cup: Final: Sunday February 25:

Chelsea - Liverpool

FA Cup: Fifth round: Monday February 26, Tuesday February 27, and Wednesday February 28:

Coventry - Maidstone
Bournemouth - Leicester
Blackburn - Newcastle
Luton - Manchester City
Chelsea - Leeds
Nottingham Forest - Manchester United
Wolverhampton - Brighton
Liverpool - Southampton