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Wednesday Cannon Fodder: throwback

Bloomington Exteriors And Landmarks - 2024 Photo by AaronP/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images

Good Wednesday morning, TSFers. We’ve reached another Hump Day, which means the precious weekend is in sight. I was struck by a bolt of inspiration for a quiz topic on my morning walk with Gunner the Rescue. Sometimes on Wednesday, I really have to plumb the depths of Sporcle to find a good one for y’all.

Today’s quiz is Cartoons. You’re given the characters, you name the show. A quick glance over the pictures confirmed that most / all of them are from the era I wanted to target - the late 80’s and forward. That’s also known as the cartoons I watched growing up. That said, some of the shows featured were verboten in the Lerner household (bonus points if you can guess which ones).

Hopefully those of you outside my age bracket either have kids that watched some of the shows or are aware of them from the internet. Let everyone know how you scored in the comments.

What shows did you watch growing up?