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Tuesday Cannon Fodder: really, again?

Arsenal FC v Liverpool FC - Premier League Photo by Robbie Jay Barratt - AMA/Getty Images

Tuesdays are objectively the worst day of the week, which is why today I feel compelled to (again) write about the stupidest piece of The Discourse that is once again rearing its hideous, disfigured head after the Gunners dismantled top of the table Liverpool to keep their shot at winning the Premier League title alive.

“aRsEnAl CeLeBrAtE tOo MuCh”

Hopefully I can offer a somewhat different angle because we’ve done the “these people are complete buffoons” to death in response to their neanderthal drivel.

It’s a real shame that this is what we get from so many of the major outlets and prominent talking heads. There are so many fascinating things that we (the football landscape) could have selected as the focal point of the Arsenal-Liverpool match. For example:

  • The tactical tweaks that allowed the Gunners to nullify Liverpool’s best / second-best in the Premier League attack
  • How Arsenal generated 3.5 xG, the most a Jurgen Klopp team has ever conceded in a Premier League match
  • How in a star-studded match between two top teams, half of the goals scored came from defensive miscues and how those little (or big) errors can make the difference
  • The midfield masterclass from Jorginho, a comparatively unathletic 32-year old, that obviated Liverpool’s intense pressure and calmly guided Arsenal to victory
  • The football fine art that was the Arsenal opening goal
  • And so on. So, so many things to talk about.

Instead, we get Mikel Arteta and Arsenal were too happy. Go boil your heads, you joyless freaks. What a sad existence. Maybe give reaching for something other than the lowest common denominator a shot.