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Monday Cannon Fodder: coming to you live

Working From Home Photo by Phil Barker/Future Publishing via Getty Images

Good Monday morning, TSFers. I hope that the start of 2024 is treating you better than it is treating Arsenal, although for some of us, as the team goes so goes a portion of our happiness. I should be back to my regular schedule now that the holidays are through and I’m back from vacation.

But I wasn’t expecting to be back until tomorrow. On Saturday evening, my GF messaged to let me know that there was a bunch of smoke in our apartment building. It turns out two-thirds of the transformers to the building blew and were on fire. The fire itself extinguished before the fire department could arrive, but the building had no heat or hot water and only low-voltage power.

I cut short my vacation to come home and help out yesterday. It’s a good thing I did. The county “condemned” the building yesterday both because of the power / heat issues in the middle of winter and because they need the building empty while they make the repairs, which they estimated would take five days, although we think that’s optimistic. That’s why “condemned” is in quotation marks — the building will reopen and we’ll be able to return to our apartment but condemning is the mechanism that they use to get everyone out of the building. The more you know!

Fortunately, we live near my parents, so instead of going to a hotel like most of the people from our building, we’re able to go stay with them.

So this week, I’m literally blogging from my parents’ basement. I have become a meme. But with that transformation comes incredible power. I can feel it coursing through my veins, down my arms, into my fingers, and onto the keyboard. The level of take I’m capable of unleashing right now is over 9000. By the way, is over 9000 Too Online for most of y’all to get? Now that I’m blogging from the basement, what other things are required of me?

It’s been quite the 36 hours for me. I’m grateful that despite the rather significant inconvenience, everyone is healthy and whole. It’ll be sort of like an adventure, one where as I was writing this sentence, I blew a fuse because it was too much to run my computer with two monitors and a Dyson from the same surge protector. You live and learn!