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Friday Cannon Fodder: that, that, and the other thing

Inside An Iceland Food Ltd. Supermarket Ahead Of Latest UK Retail Figures

Good Friday morning, TSFers! Another weekend is nearly upon us, sadly we will not have Arsenal Football Club action until Tuesday, January 30th. This weekend is an FA Cup weekend and the Gunners were bounced from that competition earlier this month. The silver lining is that we can all enjoy the magic of the cup without having to worry about our club falling flat. They’ve already fell flat (losing to Liverpool isn’t falling flat).

Speaking of Liverpool, Jurgen Klopp announced today that he is stepping down from Liverpool at the end of the season. Subsequent reporting revealed that his entire staff will join him in leaving the club, as will the current sporting director. It’s a clean sweep and a clean slate at Liverpool. They’ll have their pick of replacements, but it’s hard to imagine the club won’t falter during the transition. And there’s the whole Mo Salah’s contract is running down with the Saudi League circling thing the next regime has to deal with.

Klopp’s announcement, in which he cited being tired and worn down by the grind as reasons for his decision, throws Arsene Wenger’s 22 years in charge of Arsenal (and Sir Alex Ferguson’s 26 years in charge of Manchester United) into stark relief. We almost certainly won’t see anything like them again.

It may come as a surprise that Klopp’s now 9-year tenure at Liverpool is the fourth-longest at one club in Premier League history. He comes in behind Ferguson, Wenger, and David Moyes’ 11.5 years at Everton.

In completely unrelated news, the new grocery store that they’ve been building across the street to replace the old one (as part of a massive development that is still several years from completion), opens today. I’m very excited to go check out the shiny, new thing even though it’s just a grocery store. I’m not sure what that says about me — probably that I’m a simple man and I’m getting older.