IKTS Cup Part 10: FA Cup Fourth round.

Arsenal dominated Liverpool but failed repeatedly to score. Eventually, a freak late own goal by Kiwior and a Diaz goal deep in added time settled this extremely frustrating game.

Scores for this part:

skinnejay 51 (6)
Ray from Norfolk 42 (3)
ben from portsmouth 41 (5)
hansdampf 39 (1)
Seidman 37 (5)
Geaux_HR 33 (2)
Sonny from Suffolk 31 (3)

Stars for this part: skinnejay is first on 51 points (and six correct IKTS predictions) with Ray from Norfolk in second on 42 points (and three correct IKTS predictions) while ben from portsmouth is in third on 41 points (and five correct IKTS predictions) but hansdampf is just two points outside the podium.

Clever picks for this part: There were twenty five exact predictions:
Brentford versus Wolverhampton (ben from portsmouth and skinnejay)
Fulham versus Rotherham (Seidman)
Sunderland versus Newcastle (skinnejay)
Watford versus Chesterfield (Seidman, skinnejay, and Sonny from Suffolk)
Newport versus Eastleigh (Seidman, skinnejay and Sonny from Suffolk)
Swansea versus Morecambe (ben from portsmouth)
Chelsea versus Preston North End (ben from portsmouth, Geaux_HR, and skinnejay)
Manchester City versus Huddersfield (Sonny from Suffolk)
Wigan versus Manchester United (Seidman)
Liverpool versus Fulham (skinnejay)
Fulham versus Liverpool (Geaux_HR)
Everton versus Crystal Palace (Ray from Norfolk and Seidman)
Eastleigh versus Newport (ben from portsmouth)
Birmingham versus Hull (Ray from Norfolk)
Bolton versus Luton (ben from portsmouth, hansdampf, and Ray from Norfolk)

Crisis pick for this part: A double collective crisis as none of the participants expected West Ham to draw at home to Bristol City never less to lose the replay away.

Standings after Part 9:

skinnejay 161 (14)
Ray from Norfolk 153 (13)
Seidman 148 (17)
ben from portsmouth 140 (13)
Sonny from Suffolk 140 (11)
hansdampf 137 (6)
Geaux_HR 116 (9)

After Part 9, skinnejay leads Ray from Norfolk by eight points and Seidman by thirteen points.

Upcoming schedule:

FA Cup: Thursday January 25, Friday January 26, Saturday January 27, Sunday January 28, and Monday January 29:

Bournemouth - Swansea
Bristol City - Nottingham Forest
Sheffield Wednesday - Coventry
Chelsea - Aston Villa
Tottenham - Manchester City
Ipswich - Maidstone
Leicester - Birmingham
Leeds - Plymouth Argyle
Everton - Luton
Sheffield United - Brighton
Fulham - Newcastle
West Bromwich Albion - Wolverhampton
Watford - Southampton
Liverpool - Norwich
Newport - Manchester United
Blackburn - Wrexham