IKTS Week 22: At Nottingham Forest.

Arsenal were finally clinical. An early goal via a header by Gabriel on a Rice corner was followed by another from Gabriel again from a Saka corner but the goal was oddly attributed as an own goal by the Crystal Palace keeper despite being on target. The next goal came within the first fifteen minutes of the second half, also from a corner, this time against Arsenal, with Raya claiming the ball and sending a long throw to Jesus who found Trossard; the Belgian faked Clyne out of his socks and rifled the ball past Henderson. The rest of the second half was controlled by the Gunners. Martinelli, on as a sub, scored two almost identical Martinelli style goals in quick succession in extra time, with assists by Nketiah and Jorginho, setting a new record for goals by an Arsenal player in extra time with the two goals coming in the space of about 100 seconds, or even less if you deduct the time it took to restart play after the first goal.

Scores for the week:

Ray from Norfolk 14 (1)
skinnejay 13 (1)
Geaux_HR 12 (3)
ben from portsmouth 12 (1)
Seidman 10 (0)
Purple & Proud 9 (0)
hansdampf 7 (1)
billvacation 7 (0)
ClevelandJames 7 (0)
Sonny from Suffolk 4 (1)

Stars of the week: Ray from Norfolk is in first on 14 points (and one correct IKTS prediction) with skinnejay in second on 13 points (and one correct IKTS prediction) while Geaux_HR is in third on 12 points (and three correct IKTS predictions) but ben from portsmouth is also on 12 points, albeit with only one correct IKTS prediction.

Clever pick of the week: There were eight exact IKTS predictions for the week:
Everton versus Aston Villa (Ray from Norfolk)
Newcastle versus Manchester City (Geaux_HR)
Manchester United versus Tottenham (Geaux_HR)
Sheffield United versus West Ham (Geaux_HR)
Bournemouth versus Liverpool (hansdampf)
Burnley versus Luton (ben from portsmouth, skinnejay, and Sonny from Suffolk)

Crisis pick of the week: Only hansdampf predicted Fulham to win at Chelsea while skinnejay predicted a draw, but the seven participants who submitted a prediction for this fixture easily collected one point or two points.

Standings after Week 21:

ben from portsmouth 189 (25)
Ray from Norfolk 184 (19)
ClevelandJames 172 (18)
skinnejay 169 (20)
Seidman 169 (17)
billvacation 165 (17)
Geaux_HR 163 (18)
hansdampf 159 (15)
Purple & Proud 147 (15)
Sonny from Suffolk 144 (15)

After Week 21, ben from portsmouth leads Ray from Norfolk by five points and ClevelandJames by seventeen points.

Upcoming schedule: Tuesday January 30, Wednesday January 31, and Thursday February 1:

Nottingham Forest - Arsenal

Fulham - Everton

Luton - Brighton

Crystal Palace - Sheffield United

Aston Villa - Newcastle

Manchester City - Burnley

Tottenham - Brentford

Liverpool - Chelsea

West Ham - Bournemouth

Wolverhampton - Manchester United