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Thursday Cannon Fodder: a rant

Winter in Hesse Photo by Helmut Fricke/picture alliance via Getty Images

Good Thursday morning, TSFers. We’ve almost made it through another week, and our reward is the return of Arsenal Football Club to our airwaves. And hopefully a better weekend of NFL playoff action — last weekend’s games stunk. Today, I need to rant, so please indulge my “get off my lawn” slash “angry old man” mentality.

People are careless behind the wheel and it’s dangerous. On Tuesday morning after several inches of snow had fallen, I had to pick up my grandmother to take her to the dentist. My usual route to get to her involves driving on the highway. I started on that route but quickly bailed out to the local roads because I did not feel safe among the other drivers. The roads themselves were in decent shape, but they were wet, slushy in places, and probably icy in others. I saw one car had careened into the guardrail and done a number on the front fender. But the kicker for me was the Mercedes wagon that passed me on the right doing at least 75 mph, weaved across two lanes of traffic into the left lane only to weave back 30 seconds later. That driver was the worst offender but was far from the only one.

Our morning walk route with the dog takes us across the curb-cut entrance to a grocery store parking lot. It’s one of those entryways that goes across the sidewalk. We consistently have to be on the lookout for cars entering or exiting the shopping center without paying attention to whether there are pedestrians on the sidewalk that they’re driving across.

Today, two drivers failed to pay attention even with us standing midway between the entrance and exit. We try to always be aware of whether there are inattentive drivers, but I worry about that one time where one of us gets a phone call / text or the dog pulls towards something and we’re focused on him and not on the people rolling across the sidewalk without paying attention to pedestrians.

I’ll have to unpack this a bit more, but these two examples may be part of a larger development / change in my life. I seem to be more aware of my own fragility and concerned about the impact others have on my safety. Maybe I’m finally growing up. And if this is how I’ve become with myself, lord help me if / when I have children.