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Wednesday Cannon Fodder: first quiz of 2024

Sports Contributor Archive 2020 Photo by SPX/Ron Vesely Photography via Getty Images

Good Wednesday morning, TSFers. You’ve made it to the second Hump Day of 2024 and the first one with a CF, so my first opportunity to congratulate you on the accomplishment. After all, everybody’s workin’ for the weekend, am I right?

First order of business on a quiz day, make sure that I actually link the quiz. Here is it. Athletes of the 1990s. Not going to make that mistake again. When I was browsing the quizzes this morning, I saw that title and couldn’t resist the athletes of my childhood.

I know we’ve got several other millennials around here, so hopefully the quiz resonates with you in the same way it does with me. And for those of you a bit older, y’all were sports fans in the 90’s too, so it should be in your wheelhouses as well. For you Gen Zers, it’s important to learn your history, so get to it!

Let us know in the comments how you did on the quiz.