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Thursday Cannon Fodder: NFL season

Cleveland Browns v Kansas City Chiefs Photo by David Eulitt/Getty Images

Good Thursday morning, TSFers. The NFL returns this evening, which makes me happy. The Kansas City Chiefs take on the Detroit Lions. For me, it’s less about the matchups and more about football being back. I just enjoy watching the sport. There aren’t many things I’d rather be doing on a Sunday than watching Arsenal in the morning followed by hours of the NFL RedZone channel.

I don’t really have a team I root for, although with the Washington Commanders under new ownership (mostly the Dan Snyder being gone part), I might start rooting for the home team. It’s more about the spectacle. I enjoy watching great players do great things — QBs making absurd throws, WR catching balls they have no business hauling in, defenders making tough tackles, and so on.

I’ve also gotten back into fantasy football, which makes things a bit more fun. I will continue to abide by the golden rule of fantasy sports: nobody wants to hear about your team.

Apologies for CF being a bit late this morning, Gunner the rescue pup got into something he shouldn’t have and ate it. So we jumped in the car to head towards the vet while on the phone with the ASPCA Pet Poison Control hotline. Fortunately, before we got there, we got off hold with the hotline, and they informed us that he didn’t eat enough to have any serious effects. We might have a vomiting, diarrhea-ing dog today, though. Thankfully, that should be the worst of it. Needless to say, things will be stored differently going forward.