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Wednesday Cannon Fodder: more a test than a quiz

Friendly”Dirk Kuyt Testimonial”

It’s Hump Day, TSFers. I cannot use that phrase without thinking of the GEICO commercial with the camel walking around the office — it’s forever marked on my brain. I guess that’s good advertising? Anyway. It’s Wednesday so it’s Sporcle day. I’m excited about this one.

Today’s quiz is a doozy: Premier League Big 6 Multi-Club Players. You have to name every player who played for multiple clubs of Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester United, Manchester City, and Tottenham. You’re given the clubs, position, nationality, and years the player was with the team. You have to name the player.

You’ve got 20 minutes to fill 146 blanks, although some players fill multiple different slots. I’d understand if you didn’t use the entire time allotted and gave up at some point. You can also pause the quiz and come back to it throughout the day. I’ll be working on it periodically and will let y’all know how I did in the comments.

The header image may or may not be a hint.