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Friday Cannon Fodder: prices

Toronto FC v Inter Miami CF Photo by Carmen Mandato/Getty Images

Happy Friday, TSFers! It’s a less happy Friday for Arsenal, who have half the team injured, it feels like. William Saliba and Fabio Vieira were the latest additions to the list — Mikel Arteta revealed that the pair were not included against Brentford midweek because they are both carrying knocks. It remains to be seen who will be available for the match against Bournemouth tomorrow, but at this rate, it may be Mikel Arteta anchoring the midfield himself between Gunnersaurus and Win.

But Arsenal’s injury woes aren’t the topic of the day. It’s the rent MLS ticket prices, it’s too damn high. Season ticket renewal offers are trickling out around the league, and pretty much every club have increased their prices, in some instances up to 300% or even more.

It’s an extremely disappointing, short-term focused plan. It’s a cash grab, plain and simple. The clubs see that they can charge more because people want to see Leo Messi play. But what happens in a year or two when Messi retires / goes for his farewell lap at Barcelona? What will be the draw then? Will the “true” fans, who’ve been priced out by the Messi spike, come back? What about those missed seasons of creating real, meaningful connections with supporters and minting new fans?

Football (soccer) is the people’s game. But as we’ve seen again and again, the people are being priced out. The game is increasingly for the affluent. I think I’ll leave it there. If I say more, I may get myself in trouble.