IKTS Week 6: At home to Tottenham.

Arsenal finally beat Everton away, but it was difficult as Sean Dyche parked a gigantic mega bus equipped with human elbows and tried the same tactics that yielded a 1-0 to the Toffees in his first game in charge last season. But both the striker and the replacement striker for Everton received zero service and Arsenal patiently dominated until Trossard scored on a corner "routine" involving Saka, Odegaard, Vieira, Zinchenko, Odegaard again who pre-assisted Saka for his pullback that led to Trossard's first time precise finish. And it was indeed one-nil to The Arsenal! Earlier in the game, Vieira sent an Odegaard style defense splitting pass to Martinelli who scored but the goal was chalked off because Nketiah was adjudged to be offside when an Everton player "inadvertently" sent the ball his way.

Scores for the week:

ben from portsmouth 15 (2)
hansdampf 15 (2)
billvacation 15 (1)
Sonny from Suffolk 14 (2)
ClevelandJames 12 (2)
Seidman 12 (2)
Ray from Norfolk 11 (1)
skinnejay 10 (2)
Geaux_HR 9 (0)
Purple & Proud 7 (0)

Stars of the week: ben from portsmouth and hansdampf are first on 15 points (and two correct IKTS predictions each) with billvacation in third also on 15 points (but with only one correct IKTS prediction) while Sonny from Suffolk is in fourth on 14 points (and two correct IKTS predictions) though ClevelandJames and Seidman are not too far right behind.

Clever pick of the week: Only ClevelandJames and Seidman had the exact score for Fulham versus Luton. There were also four correct predictions apiece for Wolverhampton versus Liverpool, West Ham versus Manchester City, and Nottingham Forest versus Burnley.

Crisis pick of the week: Only Purple & Proud predicted a loss for the noisy neighbors, forgetting that the match officials would add plenty of time for then to score twice for a come from behind win at the death.

Standings after Week 5:

ben from portsmouth 58 (9)
Ray from Norfolk 56 (8)
skinnejay 51 (6)
billvacation 50 (6)
Geaux_HR 50 (5)
hansdampf 50 (3)
Sonny from Suffolk 49 (3)
Seidman 47 (5)
ClevelandJames 42 (5)
Purple & Proud 41 (4)

After Week 5, ben from portsmouth leads Ray from Norfolk by two points.

Upcoming schedule: Saturday September 23 and Sunday September 24:

Crystal Palace - Fulham

Luton - Wolverhampton

Manchester City - Nottingham Forest

Brentford - Everton

Burnley - Manchester United

Arsenal - Tottenham

Brighton - Bournemouth

Chelsea - Aston Villa

Liverpool - West Ham

Sheffield United - Newcastle