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Thursday Cannon Fodder: back in action

Arsenal Training Session Photo by Stuart MacFarlane/Arsenal FC via Getty Images

Good Thursday morning, TSFers. We’re just two days away from the Premier League resuming and seven Arsenal matches in all competitions before the next international break. I’m excited. The Gunners will be back in the Champions League (two matches), kick off the League Cup (against Brentford), and play Manchester City in the final league match before the interlull. We’ll have a much better idea of where the team stands in three and a half weeks, or so.

I’ve got a few good CF topics in mind for next week, so look forward to that. But I want to mull them over the weekend to make sure I say all the (brilliant) things I want to say on the topics. Surprise, surprise I’m going to talk about Kai Havertz (again) and I’ve got a few thoughts on the North London Forever discourse (a bit behind the times on that one, but better late than never — nothing like letting a topic fizzle out then necro’ing it, right?).

For now, we turn our attention to Everton. The Gunners haven’t won in their last five trips to Goodison Park. What do you think it is about playing there that has bamboozled Arsenal so?