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Tuesday Cannon Fodder: Arsenal-o-meter

Golf courses tinker with irrigation concepts... Photo by Philipp Schulze/picture alliance via Getty Images

Good Tuesday morning, TSFers. I had some family matters to take care of yesterday, so apologies for the quiet day. But we’re back today. I’d like to say better than ever, but honestly, we might not be. It’s an up-and-down outfit here, as I’m sure you know. Maybe today will be an up day, maybe it will be a down day.

Speaking of up and down, the Arsenal-o-meter! That’s what I’ve termed the imaginary machine that tracks the waveform, cyclical sentiment surrounding the club.

The general, public perception of where the team stands is comparatively low to where it has been at various points over the last year. I think people are unconvinced with the performances and even though the club are unbeaten (3W, 1D), the meter is low for most. I also think the (ridiculous) discourse about Kai Havertz is dragging sentiment down.

I’m much higher on Arsenal right now. Their underlying numbers are quite good, better than any team other than Manchester City. Perhaps more importantly, the xG difference is trending in the right direction, as in, each match they’re creating more chances and allowing fewer. They’re controlling possession and dictating the flow of games. The goals (and therefore the impressive results) will come.

Where is your Arsenal-o-meter at the moment?