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Wednesday Cannon Fodder: Sporcle Sporcle Sporcle

Everton FC v AFC Bournemouth - Premier League Photo by Visionhaus/Getty Images

It’s Hump Day, TSFers! We’re just two days away from Arsenal opening their Premier League campaign playing host to Nottingham Forest (and Matt Turner). We’ve got season preview content starting to roll out today, so be on the lookout for that.

Today’s Sporcle might be a tad bit easy: Premier League Nicknames. It seemed appropriate given the impending start of the season. You get the club name, you come up with the nickname. There were three I didn’t get. Had I thought about it longer, I might have gotten 18 or 19 out of 20, but there was one I wasn’t going to get. Can you guess which club I had no chance on getting their nickname?

It seems like enough of you are interested in a TSF Fantasy Premier League group, so I made one. We’re using Classic scoring — I’m really not a fan of head to head from my NFL fantasy days. It’s super frustrating to put up the second highest score in the league but still lose your week because you happened to be matched against the player who got the highest.

Auto-join link:
League name: The Short Fuse
League code: pkr6nw

You should be able to join simply by clicking the link, but you can also search for the league the old fashioned way and use the code.

I wanted to make my team name “BigWillySalibaStyle” this year, but the game wouldn’t allow that. I didn’t get a reason why that name wasn’t permitted, but I think we can all puzzle that out. Two years ago, my team name “It’s Called Saka” was flagged for review and spent multiple weeks in limbo before being approved. Granted, that was right after the Euros so they were probably being extra careful about potentially abusive names.