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Wednesday Cannon Fodder: logo quiz!

Cagliari Calcio v FC Internazionale - Serie A TIM Photo by Mattia Pistoia - Inter/Inter via Getty Images

Good Wednesday morning, TSFers. My thoughts today are with all those in Florida in the path of Hurricane Idalia. I hope that everyone stays safe and as unaffected as possible.

Today, we have a quiz two-fer. The first is a quick-hitter, a 15-second blitz quiz of Olympic Host Cities. You’re given 20 cities, you have to click the 15 that have hosted the Olympics. And you only have 15 seconds to do it. I got 19 of 20.

The second quiz is one I’m pretty sure we’ve done before, but it’s a good one — Sports Logos Quiz. You get the team logo, you give the team name. I’ll give you a pretty big hint, too. There are some Canadian Football League logos mixed in. I had no chance of getting those correct, but I nailed all the others.

Do y’all play any other games in the morning? At the suggestion of my family, I added another game to my morning repertoire — Connections from NYT. You’re given 16 words and you have to group them into 4’s based on some overarching group theme like colors, font names, foods, etc. I do the Wordle and Keyword from Washington Post pretty much every day. If it’s a slow morning, I’ll do the crossword, too.