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Thursday Cannon Fodder: fall?

Flattened Autumn Leaves In London photo by Mike Kemp/In Pictures via Getty Images

Good morning, TSFers. It’s a brisk Thursday morning here in D.C., which when coupled with a few other things, prompts me to ask is it fall? I’m sure the temperature (and humidity) will spike again at least one more time, but today feels unmistakably like fall.

UPDATE: literally minutes after posting this, I looked at the weekend weather forecast. We’re supposed to get close to record highs. Le grand sigh.

As we were walking the dog this morning, the young-uns were out waiting for the bus. School doesn’t start until Monday, but apparently there is orientation for the students entering middle school and those entering high school. For those of you with kids, have they started back yet?

Perhaps the biggest indicator of the arrival of fall (or not) is the return of Pumpkin Spice lattes to Starbucks, along with their suite of fall-inspired goodies. Their menu is like the Waffle House Index but for the seasons. Pumpkins = fall. Peppermint = winter. They don’t have drinks for spring and summer though, do they? That seems like a marketing failure.

But the one thing I cannot abide is supermarkets putting out the displays of Halloween candy early. I will not stand for Halloween creep nor will I stand for Christmas creep. The big box, chain grocery across the street had their Halloween displays out at the end of July. Let’s give the seasons and holidays their proper due, please.

What are the telltale signs that fall has arrived for you?