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Wednesday Cannon Fodder: pop quiz

Manchester City v Newcastle United - Premier League Photo by James Gill - Danehouse/Getty Images

Good Wednesday morning, TSFers. Hump day brings such optimism and promise, doesn’t it? And what better way to start off the day than by acing a Sporcle.

Today’s quiz is a recycled one, I think. But since we have so many new faces around here (and it’s not like we remember the specific answers anyway), I decided to go for it. It seems an appropriate quiz to use near the start of a Premier League season, too.

We’ve got name the Premier League Clubs All-Time. You’re given the number of seasons the club has spent in the PL and that’s it. Beyond that, you’re just listing teams that have spent at least one season in the Prem. Good luck!

I haven’t retaken it yet because I wanted to get CF out for y’all, but I’ll put my score in the comments. For you newbies, that’s what we do - drop scores in the comments. If you want to talk about answers, make sure to use the spoilers font.