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Friday Cannon Fodder: talk amongst yourselves, TV edition

Hollywood Exteriors And Landmarks - 2023

Happy Friday, TSFers. I’m going to try something new with Friday CF given how awesome y’all were responding to the “Getting to Know You” post and talking back and forth in the comments. On Fridays, I’d like to have our CF topic be a community post.

We’ve done them before, just not at a regular interval — favorite thing to cook, what shows are you watching / books reading / music listening to, most memorable trip, etc.

To get us started off, let’s do a pretty universal one: what TV shows are you watching these days?

The show the GF and I can’t wait for each week is S2 of The Foundation (Apple). We watched the first episode of Justified: City Primeval (Hulu) but it didn’t wow us in the same way the original series did. As we wind down for the evening, we’ve been rewatching Brooklyn 99 (she hadn’t seen any of it, I hadn’t finished it).

I can hardly wait for Ahsoka (Star Wars Universe, Disney+) to come out next week. I’ve been slowly progressing through the animated Clone Wars series and have been pleasantly surprised — Ahsoka Tano features prominently in that series, that is the connection for you non-Star Wars folks. I’m also looking forward to Wheel of Time S2 (Amazon), which premieres at the start of September.