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Thursday Cannon Fodder: trivia

Karen’s Diner conquers Australia... Photo by Carola Frentzen/picture alliance via Getty Images

Happy Thursday, TSFers. We’re just one day away from Friday, which means the weekend is nearly here. We’ve fallen into the normal D.C. summer weather pattern. Hot and humid during the day, thunderstorms in the late afternoon / early evening. No wonder so many people (including Congress) get out of town in August. Did I recently make the quip in a CF?

Yesterday, us city folk trekked out into Virginia to visit some of my GF’s family and have a puppy playdate. We ended the evening at Dirt Farm Brewing, which is on the side of a mountain at the start of the Blue Ridge Mountains, overlooking the valley below. Going to breweries is one of my favorite activities. I really enjoy trying new and different beers.

Every Wednesday night, Dirt Farm has trivia, but it’s structured differently that the traditional bar trivia. It’s more Family Feud style. We had to give what we thought the five most popular survey responses to questions like “Name five TV shows considered ‘teen dramas’” and “What Disney movies do you least want to have a live-action remake?” It was fun for the group and more accessible. We won, by the way. Do any of y’all play pub trivia? How do you usually fare?