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Friday Cannon Fodder: introductions!

It’s the day before the start of the Premier League season. Those of you who’ve been around for a while know what that means: it’s getting to know you day! Honestly, this is one of my favorite posts of the year. We’d be nothing without our readers and commenters, and the community we and y’all have built in the comments over the years is one of the things that makes The Short Fuse the great corner of the internet that it is today.

It is my sincerest hope that all of you who read this post, whether you’re a regular or infrequent commenter or have never commented at all, drop a comment and introduce yourselves. I’ll get us started.

I’m Aaron Lerner. I’ve been TSF’s managing editor for almost four years now. I’m a D.C. native — born, raised, and currently living in Maryland. Since I last wrote this post, my partner and I adopted a rescue puppy. Thank goodness she convinced me to start fostering because it led us to Gunner, who I absolutely adore.

I started supporting Arsenal in 2010, when I traveled to London with a group from my masters program at Georgetown. We visited the Emirates, met with a club executive, and attended two matches. We watched the Gunners defeat Burnley 3-1 in the Premier League and smash Porto 5-0 in the Champions League, complete with a Nicklas Bendtner hat trick.

In addition to the Gunners, I’m a big Washington Capitals fan — it’s going to be a strange few years as Alex Ovechkin winds down his career chasing down Wayne Gretzky’s goal record. I’m a Duke basketball fan (my alma mater) and an LSU football fan (mom’s family is from Baton Rouge). I’m nominally a Nationals fan, and I’m thinking about picking up the Washington Commanders now that the franchise is under new ownership, but I may just remain a fan of the NFL, generally. The bottom line is that if it’s sports, I’m probably watching it on TV.

If there is any time left over after the puppy and all the sports-watching, I like to play video games. Right now, I’m mostly playing Hearthstone, but I’ve played a bunch of other games over the years. I try to stay in shape by riding the Peloton (Dennis is my favorite instructor) and / or otherwise working out. And I like to cook whatever caught my eye from my weekly trip to the farmer’s market.

Phew. I think that’s it. Inevitably, I’ll think of stuff I should have mentioned when I’m interacting with y’all in the comments over the next few days. Y’all don’t have to go into nearly enough detail as I did. I just wanted to give as many examples and jumping off points as I could.

We’d love for you to introduce yourself in the comments and engage with each other over shared non-Arsenal things!

REMINDER: It seems like enough of you are interested in a TSF Fantasy Premier League group, so I made one. We’re using Classic scoring — I’m really not a fan of head to head from my NFL fantasy days. It’s super frustrating to put up the second highest score in the league but still lose your week because you happened to be matched against the player who got the highest.

Auto-join link:
League name: The Short Fuse
League code: pkr6nw