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Wednesday Cannon Fodder: Sporcle time!


Another Hump Day, TSFers! Well done, you’ve made it. I hope you’re doing alright with whatever extreme weather / poor air quality / general summer heat is coming you’re way. It feels as if every time I check the Washington Post or open up Twitter, I see a report about some new, significant weather event somewhere.

It’s (likely) a big day for Arsenal. It appears as if with some tweaking of the contract terms, the Gunners are going to agree a deal to make Declan Rice the most expensive transfer in club history and the all-time most expensive British player.

Which brings us to today’s Sporcle: Highest Transfer Fees. You get the acquiring team, the year, and the price, you have to give the player. There are 26 on the list. It seems mostly accurate, but Erling Haaland, whose total transfer package was well over €100M, is not on the list. I expect situations like that will be a growing trend as transfer numbers continue to go up and clubs look to creative accounting solutions to stay in line with financial regulations and improve the look of their books.