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Tuesday Cannon Fodder: perception

Leeds United v Tottenham Hotspur - Premier League Photo by Stu Forster/Getty Images

Our allegiances make us say and do funny things, don’t they? Bayern Munich just offered Tottenham £70M for Harry Kane, which was rejected immediately. Both Arsenal and Manchester City have had £90M offers for Declan Rice rejected by West Ham.

Kane “has to go to Bayern Munich to show his ambition” according to some in the football media. Declan Rice “should spurn Manchester City to win trophies of his own at Arsenal” say others. For all intents and purposes, Bayern Munich and Manchester City are the same type of club — giants in their own league that win the overwhelming majority of titles.

Personally, I could hardly care less what Harry Kane decides. I’d be more than okay to see the back of him because he has tormented Arsenal through the years. It would also be hilarious if he were to remain at Spurs and continue the trophy-less wonder narrative. Whatever the outcome, the joke is on the lamentable Tottenham Hotspur. Either their best player ever leaves because he knows he has to go elsewhere to win trophies or he stays and the club has nothing to show for the career of an all-time Premier League great.

Declan Rice, on the other hand, I have strong opinions about where he ends up. I’ve already started drafting the rant should things go the other way. For now, I’ll keep those fireballs to myself, ready to be flung if needed.

Have a great Tuesday, TSFers.