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Arsenal submit second Declan Rice bid

And the transfer merry-go-round continues on. The Gunners expect their new bid to be rejected, too.

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West Ham United v Leeds United - Premier League Photo by James Williamson - AMA/Getty Images

Arsenal submitted a club-record bid worth £75M + £15M in add-ons to West Ham for Declan Rice, per David Ornstein. The Hammers are expected to reject the bid, in part because they feel the add-ons aren’t easily attainable enough. The Gunners had their initial bid, reported at £80M + £10M in add-ons, rejected out of hand. Everybody reports Arsenal are confident that they’ll get the deal over the line before the end of the month and that Rice’s desire to move to North London doesn’t appear likely to change.

A quick note on the offers: the Athletic did not report a number for the first Rice bid. The amount of the initial bid came from other outlets. Now, Ornstein is reporting the 75 + 15 bid is an improved offer on the first one. That math ain’t mathing — the bids come out to the same amount. It seems as if somebody may have gotten info that wasn’t totally accurate. And that’s to be expected. Not everybody has the same inside source, and each party has their own motivations / aims in attempting to shape the media discourse around the deal.

Even if the offers were for the same amount, it’s possible that the current offer (again, also expected to be rejected) has better terms than the initial one, i.e. more money in the initial payment, a shorter payment period, and / or a change in the terms of the add-ons and how easy they are to achieve. Understandably, West Ham want as much money as they can get upfront, and Arsenal want to spread the payments out over time for accounting purposes.

It’s all part of the transfer dance. They’ll go back and forth and wind up meeting somewhere in the middle. Both clubs will be happy enough with whatever the final terms end up being, and Arsenal will get their man. Declan Rice to Arsenal seems a question of when and for how much, at this point. Fingers crossed nothing unexpected screws that up!