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Monday Cannon Fodder: what now

Arsenal Training Session Photo by Stuart MacFarlane/Arsenal FC via Getty Images

Good morning, TSFers. I hope you had a nice weekend that helped get you over / distract you from the disappointing (but not unexpected) loss to Manchester City last week. We’re at a weird place in the season. There are still five matches remaining but it feels as if the campaign is over, to some degree. While it’s still possible that City slip up, they’re overwhelming favorites to win the Premier League. Arsenal actually need City to stumble at least twice — one loss and one draw plus the Gunners winning out would make Arsenal improbably champions.

Hopefully Arsenal regroup and play good football down the stretch. It would be a bummer for this season to end with a whimper. The year they’ve put in deserves better than that. It’s been an incredible season. The team has vastly outperformed anybody’s expectations, including Mikel Arteta’s. I think the manager and the roster will get it together and regain their focus and form.

Nothing is going to change for me. I’m still going to watch every minute and support them with as much gusto as I have all season. I’m holding out hope that the unlikely happens and will until it’s mathematically impossible. And I’m going to enjoy the last few matches of this amazing season. It’s been so much fun, and I’m going to squeeze every last drop out of the campaign. Up the Arsenal.