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The Shirt Fuse: A glitch in the design process

Adidas has dropped a lot of heat over the past couple years, but this is something else

Southampton FC v Arsenal FC - Premier League Photo by Ryan Pierse/Getty Images

A huge amount of credit is due for what adidas has done for Arsenal since taking over for Puma in 2019. Consistently improved kit designs with lots of hints of nostalgia and special drops throughout the year. This current season’s rotation has been quite great, clearly impacted by the results on the field as well.

But, adidas sensing Arsenal’s return to Europe’s top competition have decided to create what I think we can unanimously agree is their worst kit design since taking over.

I mean holy hell that is BAD and an eyesore. Even when you thought you stopped seeing wavy lines they continue through the socks as well! I had to scroll down my screen to continue typing this so that the image was no longer visible.

Home kit leaks continue to get out, getting us closer and closer to the final product. Bringing out the raglan sleeves (not a fan!), adidas has opted for a two toned gold badge instead of the usual Arsenal crest on the shirt. The socks and overall design is a nod to the Invincibles, supposedly, but I really think it is only in the socks with the red stripe.

Leaks and rumors on a 3rd kit are not out or even remotely verified enough for us to comment on, but I really think adidas struck out on the first two kits for next season, but truthfully I’m not bothered as it’ll signal our (likely) return to Champions League.

A big improvement on all three kits is the remove of ‘adidas’ under the three stripes logo as adidas pivots towards its ‘performance’ logo accompanying all shirts for the foreseeable future.

Drop your kit thoughts below.