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Thursday Cannon Fodder: believe


Do you believe in Arsenal? After every dropped point since December, it’s been “that’s the Premier League title gone then,” “here it is, Arsenal are bottling it,” and other variations of that doom and gloom theme. It’s exhausting. People are acting as if Manchester City winning out is a fait acompli. They may. Arsenal could do it, too. They can’t both do it, of course, because of the head-to-head match.

I believe in the club. In the players. In Mikel Arteta. At almost every turn this season, they’ve defied expectations, performed well above where they’re supposed to / thought to be. They’ve earned their six point lead at the top of the Premier League table.

Actually, they’ve earned an 8-point lead, but VAR ineptitude kept that from them. It would be incredibly unfortunate if Lee Mason forgetting to draw lines was the deciding factor in the title race. If that happens, I hope it all burns down. I hope Arsenal go nuclear and insist on totally gutting the PGMOL. It should be rebuilt from the ground up regardless but that admitted, inexcusable mistake would be excellent grounds for doing so. But I digress.

How will you approach the final six weeks of the Premier League season? Arsenal have eight matches remaining. Personally, I’d rather not have days of anxiety, trepidation, worry, and fear ahead of Arsenal matches. Being right there for a title is exhilarating. It’s so close. Win or lose, I want to enjoy the ride. So I’ll offer the advice that I’ve been touting most of the season: believe in the club, sit back, relax, and take each match as it comes. Winning the title would be incredible, but either way, the race is going to be tremendous fun.