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Monday Cannon Fodder: moments

Arsenal FC v AFC Bournemouth - Premier League Photo by Stuart MacFarlane/Arsenal FC via Getty Images

Reiss Nelson gave Arsenal (and us) a moment for the ages on Saturday. If the Gunners go on to win an improbably Premier League title, that goal will be among the top five highlights from the season. And it was one heck of a goal, too — the control off the chest, the volley into the corner — a lovely finish.

Nelson’s goal is the third 90+ minute winner the Gunners have scored this season. The Gunners have scored a late winner in three of their last eight Premier League games. Before that, it took 224 matches to score three goals that late. Those three from Arsenal are the most in the Premier League, no other club has scored more than one, and there have been twelve in total. Shoutout to Harvey Downes (@HarveyDownes92) for the mini-thread with the stats.

Those kinds of moments are among the best in sports. They’re why we can’t quit ‘em. I was in attendance for such a moment. College basketball fans may remember this game and moment (or they may not, in the grand scheme of things, it was inconsequential). In December 2005, #1 ranked Duke was losing to Virginia Tech in the closing seconds of the game, the ACC season opener at Cameron Indoor Stadium. The Blue Devils inbound went to Sean Dockery whose 40-foot heave went in as time expired to win the game for Duke. I had a perfect view of the shot. You could have drawn a straight line from where I was in the student’s section to Dockery, and then to the basket. I knew it had a really good chance the minute it left his hand. It was so cool.

So we’ve got two discussion prompts today. The first is what sports moments stick out in your mind, and were you in the building for any notable ones? The second is tag yourself in the image below.