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Thursday Cannon Fodder: running late

Australian Shepherd Photo by Patrick Pleul/picture alliance via Getty Images

Good morning, TSFers. Sorry Cannon Fodder is a bit late today, Gunner the rescue pup (no, that’s not him in the header image) wanted to go on a particularly long walk this morning. Yesterday, he and his friend Gordie were zipping around outside and inside during the match, which made it a bit difficult to concentrate on the first half. It was particularly tough when the two of them decided the couch that I was sitting on was the perfect place to jump around. But what can you do.

For today’s comments, let’s just marvel at Arsenal. If they were to win the league, they’d be the youngest side to ever do it, with a current average age starting lineup of 24 years, 293 days. Bukayo Saka is the 6th-youngest player in Premier League history to 50 goal involvements. Saka and Gabriel Martinelli are the first duo to 10+ goals this season. Martin Ødegaard has 9 goals. And as I’m going to give the stat going forward, “Arsenal striker” (Jesus + Nketiah) has 9 goals as well.

This bunch is awesome. It’s been so much fun this season, and ***fingers crossed*** they’re set up do something similar year upon year (if Saka and Saliba sign ‘da ‘ting, which, fortunately, looks to be the direction things are heading). Up the Arsenal.

Bonus thing to share in the comments: your favorite Arsenal stat from this season that you’ve seen.