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Wednesday Cannon Fodder: City, United, Rovers Quiz

Today’s Sporcle is a fun one!

Accrington Stanley v Bolton Wanderers - EFL Trophy Semi-Final Photo by Dave Howarth - CameraSport via Getty Images

To quote the GEICO camel (who is apparently named Caleb): HUMP DAY! Another Wednesday is here, folks, which means that another weekend approaches. And as an added bonus, we get an Arsenal match today. Time for the Gunners to return the favor to the Toffees. I hope Arsenal absolutely smash Everton this evening.

It’s also Sporcle Wednesday. I found a fun one for today: City, Rovers, or United? There are two word banks, one with the first half of club names (Brighton & Hove, Manchester, Tranmere) the other with the back half of them (City, United, Stanley). You have to pair them up correctly.

My advice with this quiz is be careful, especially when it comes to clubs with the same city name, i.e. Manchester ______ and Manchester ____ . I wasted several guesses on clubs where I knew the full name of one from that place and kept guessing that combination for the second one, even though I had already gotten the first one correct.

I got 54 of 65. I ran out of time and didn’t get to use all my guesses, so I probably could have gotten one or two more correct.