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Tuesday Cannon Fodder: raving

Glastonbury Festival 2022 - Day Two Photo by Matt Cardy/Getty Images

Good morning, TSFers. No, today’s CF is not about going to raves. Honestly, it doesn’t have much to do with raving at all, I just fancied have Monday & Tuesday having “ranting” and “raving” as titles. Although I suppose some might be calling each other “mad” (crazy - raving) in the comments.

I want y’all to share your most benign hot take. Something like “peanut butter is a garbage food” or “Tom Hanks is a terrible actor” or “Disney World is overrated.” An innocuous thing about which you think your take / opinion puts you among a minority that most would ridicule for believing as you do.

None of those are my BHT (benign hot take). My BHT is that bone-in chicken wings are awful. They take way too much work to eat, make too much of a mess, and don’t provide enough meat or good taste to make up for it. Come at me.