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Wednesday Cannon Fodder: pokemon


Good Wednesday morning, TSFers. We will soon have another Hump Day in the books, which means you will soon be more than halfway to another weekend. Although if people pay attention to the study that just wrapped up in Britain, the 5-day workweek, and therefore Hump Day, might be a thing of the past. The bottom line from the study is that when companies participating in the study went to a 4-day week while keeping pay the same, employees’ lives got significantly better while “revenue ‘stayed broadly the same’ during the six-month trial, but rose 35 percent on average when compared with a similar period from previous years.”

Regardless of whether we shift the workweek, Wednesdays will still exist and so will our Sporcle day. As I was browsing the Sporcle catalogue, nothing was really catching my eye until I saw this one. I may be going too far afield with it, but whatever. Name the original 151 Pokemon.

I know that a number of your aren’t millennials, so Pokemon doesn’t resonate with you in the same way as it does for us 80s and 90s kids. But for me, Pokemon Blue on the GameBoy (actually GameBoy Color) was a quintessential part of my childhood. To this day, I occasionally play games from the franchise.

I’ll let you know in the comments how I did on the quiz. I think I’ll get close to all 151, but I don’t think I’ll catch ‘em all.