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Tuesday Cannon Fodder: laissez les bon temps rouler

Celebrity Sightings In New Orleans - February 19, 2023 Photo by MEGA/GC Images

Good morning, TSFers. It’s Mardi Gras. I know I already talked about Fat Tuesday in a CF last month, but tough cookies. Mardi Gras is rapidly moving up my list of favorite days of the year. I mean, what’s better than great music, revelry, partying, costumes, parades, and those New Orleans good feelings? My mother is from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, so Mardi Gras also helps me feel a connection to my “roots” even though I’ve lived in Maryland my entire life. That want for connection and identity is a new-ish development, but I’m rolling with it.

In case you zipped past the header image, that’s Adam Devine (Workaholics and other things) crowned as King of Bacchus. Bacchus is one of the featured Krewes at New Orleans Mardi Gras, along with Zulu, Mardi Gras Indians, Rex, and Endymion. There are numerous other smaller, less prominent Krewes that also party and do their thing. Krewes throw parades in the days leading up to and on Mardi Gras and typically host balls / parties after their parade. The NOLA Gooners have their Krewe of Arsenal and host GoonerGras each year. They’re a fun bunch, at least from those that I’ve gotten to know on social media.

That playlist will be on all day at my place and likely at my parent’s house, where we’re headed this evening for a newish-tradition — Mardi Gras dinner. We get together to have po-boys, red beans and rice, and whatever other Louisiana staples Mom feels like throwing together. And of course, we end with a King Cake.

Laissez les bon temps rouler, y’all!