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Thursday Cannon Fodder: comfort shows

2022 Baby2Baby Gala Photo by Rodin Eckenroth/Getty Images

It’s Thursday, y’all. A not so happy Thursday given yesterday’s football events but we can all take solace in that the weekend is nearly here. Apart from my ire during the match about the various and sundry things detailed in the match report, I’ve been and will continue to be zen about the result (but that’s for another post).

Today, I want to talk about comfort shows — those TV shows you put on in the background when you need something that you can only pay attention to while you write emails, scroll your phone, or do whatever other things need doing. Comfort shows also come in handy when you’ve had a rough day and need something familiar and happy to lift your spirits. It’s often, but I suppose not always, a show you’ve already watched, often multiple times over.

For the longest time, that show was Scrubs for me. My friend group first watched it together in college, which definitely factors into my affinity for it. The show’s blend of comedy and poignant moments is exactly what the doctor ordered for pretty much any mood in which I found myself. Over the years, my go-to comfort show has also been Parks & Rec., The Good Place, Brooklyn 99, and How I Met Your Mother. Currently, it’s Community.

What are your comfort shows?