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Tuesday Cannon Fodder: Valentine’s Day

Chinese Welcome Valentine’s Day Photo by Yang Huafeng/China News Service/VCG via Getty Images

Good morning, TSF. Happy Valentine’s Day, I guess. I don’t much care for the Hallmark holiday dedicated to selling flowers, greetings cards, and cheap candy on one hand and reminding people that they’re single on the other. Like New Year’s Eve, it’s really only ever been a letdown that has gotten me in trouble on the rare occasion that I overlooked it.

Also, roses on the stem suck as flowers. They’re not particularly fragrant. The thorns hurt. And the monotone deep red doesn’t do it for me. Conversation hearts are nasty. If I wanted to eat sweetened chalk, I would.

I’m glad my GF doesn’t care at all about this holiday. The only part I enjoy is cooking a nice meal for her, which is something that I don’t need a special occasion or specific day to do. Get off my lawn.

If you don’t want to rant about Valentine’s Day like me, I’ll leave you with a discussion question: which Arsenal player would you want to have as your Valentine and why?