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Friday Cannon Fodder: TGIF

TGI Fridays External Shop Signage Photo by Peter Dazeley/Getty Images

Happy Friday, TSFers. We’ve made it through another week, well done to us. Next week is the week before Christmas, when it should basically be illegal for anybody to make you do anything substantive. Then it’s Christmas week, where the same is true. So really, we all should be on quasi-holiday for a while.

I thought about a number of different things for today’s CF — the just-announced plans to move the Washington Capitals and Wizards across the Potomac into Alexandria, VA; providing tech support for older relatives; how the Christmas season hasn’t felt super Christmas-y for me yet. Nothing really spoke to me.

So instead, I started to get wrapped up in a Twitter, let’s call it a discussion, about Unai Emery with some Aston Villa supporters. Fortunately, I realized that I was not dealing with reasonable, logical humans, and stopped engaging. Some people have chosen “Unai Emery is an elite manager” as a hill they’re willing to die on. That’s not a decision I would make, but more power to them. I’m not going to convince them to come off that position.

Anything interesting happening out there in your worlds, TSFers? Read, see, or do anything worth sharing? Let’s have a good ‘ole Off-Topic Friday thread.