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Friday Cannon Fodder: Fri-YAY

Sunrise in New York City Photo by Gary Hershorn/Getty Images

Good morning, TSFers and happy Friday! It’s been chilly for most of the week in D.C., but yesterday it got into the 50s, which allowed me to go for a long walk with Gunner the rescue pup. Gunner was so jazzed that he walked double time for pretty much the entire hour plus, and now my legs are a little sore. Getting older is a scam, folks.

I was excited to read the meteorologists are predicting that we’ll get perhaps the snowiest winter we’ve seen in five years. I’ve said it several times here before, but I love the snow. We hardly got any last year, so I’m excited to see how Gunner reacts to it.

Other than that, I don’t have much today. Hopefully Arsenal keep humming along this weekend. The Gunners have some comparatively easier fixtures to start the month before some testers in a few weeks.

Anybody doing anything fun and interesting this weekend?