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Friday Cannon Fodder: Black Friday

Black Friday - Mallorca Photo by Clara Margais/picture alliance via Getty Images

Happy Friday, TSFers! For those of you in the States, it’s Black Friday, the day we celebrate outrageous, conspicuous consumerism and capitalism by rushing to big box stores to buy a whole bunch of stuff — ostensibly for the holidays, but mostly for ourselves.

Apparently or at least according to my image search for a header for this post, Black Friday has made it to Europe, too. A number of the photos offered were from European stores and shopping centers advertising sales. Can any of y’all across the pond confirm that our wonderful American tradition has made it to your shores and give us some insight as to whether it is catching on?

I rarely buy anything on Black Friday. I try hard to avoid letting good deals lure me into buying things I don’t actually need. There is one place I may make a few purchases today, however. I think I’ve mentioned that there has been a large redevelopment project happening across the way from me. The first phase of the project is almost done, and the stores that are moving into the new building are getting ready to make the switch.

To ease the transition, the county liquor store is trying to sell as much of their inventory as possible. I guess they want to minimize the amount of stuff they have to physically move (even though it’s half a block) and will be taking a new shipment to the new storefront. They’ve been selling everything 15% off for the past week, but there are rumors that they will be going to 50% off for Black Friday.

Another important note about Black Friday (for me, personally): it’s the first day appropriate to listen to Christmas music. I’m happy today, although I’m struggling to decide which tune to play first. It’s a very important decision.