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Thursday Cannon Fodder: a different Thanksgiving

U.S. President Joe Biden Pardons Thanksgiving Turkeys Photo by Chen Mengtong/China News Service via Getty Images

Good Thursday morning TSFers and Happy Thanksgiving to all those celebrating. We’re just two days away from Arsenal returning to action. The better news is that we’re done with international breaks until March. We’ve got a lot of football to watch.

I said yesterday that I had something a bit different for today.

This is going to be a difficult Thanksgiving for my family. I’m not entirely sure why I hadn’t shared this with y’all earlier, but my grandfather passed at the end of October. We knew it was coming, his health had been declining for a while and he was in his 90’s. But that didn’t and doesn’t make it any easier.

Thanksgiving was the holiday for that side of the family. We don’t do anything particularly special for the meal, just a happy get-together with family and good food. This year, we’re doing something much smaller. None of us really have the energy or desire to do a big meal. The loss is too recent.

We have one Thanksgiving morning tradition that is going to be particularly tough. For more than thirty years running, we’ve gone to the National Zoo. It started, so I’ve been told, as a way to get small children out of the house so that those doing the cooking had some peace and quiet, both to wake up and relax before the madness and to start cooking without interference. I have always loved the Zoo. Going with Pop Pop, my dad, and sister was special. It was our thing, a tradition that made the holiday ours.

Today, it’s just Dad and I going (my sister isn’t coming home for the holiday). We weren’t going to break the streak. In my eulogy, I told everyone that we were going to continue the tradition and that one day, I would share it with a new generation of our family. I know that will make him happy — his family was everything to him. I’m hopeful that today’s trip, while difficult, will bring back happy memories.

Happy Thanksgiving, everybody.