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Wednesday Cannon Fodder: a quiz, mayhaps

USA Grocery Products Photo by Jakub Porzycki/NurPhoto via Getty Images

Happy Hump Day, TSFers. I hope that everyone traveling today has a safe and uneventful trip and that the weather cooperates. I read somewhere that the Wednesday night before Thanksgiving is one of the most dangerous nights for drivers and one with a significant number of drunk driving arrests. Be safe everyone, and if you’re having drinks, please have a plan to get home safely.

Today’s quiz is a doozy — an English Top Flight Transfer Mega-Grid (I remembered the link today). Basically, you have to name the players that went from one top flight club to another, i.e. Arsenal to Chelsea and vice-versa, for every club. It’s 132 spaces and they’ve budgeted 25 minutes for it, so you might have to pause and come back to it at various points during the day. There are also multiple answers that qualify for certain spaces. If you get one of those but not the one the author was thinking of, you still get credit.

Since I have a somewhat different-than-normal post planned for tomorrow, let’s have the usual discussion of Thanksgiving dishes today. What is the best side? The worst? Most overrated and underrated?