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Monday Cannon Fodder: brain empty

Tübingen’s Lord Mayor Palmer resumes office Photo by Bernd Weißbrod/picture alliance via Getty Images

Good Monday morning, TSFers. I sat staring at an empty “headline” box and then an empty page for several minutes this morning, trying to come up with something to get our conversation going. To no avail. I’ve been trying hard to refresh my ideas to come up with new and interesting CF topics / discussions lately and have been mostly drawing blanks. I think I need to change my CF process.

I saw Tim Stillman’s excellent piece on the lack of visible diversity in the Arsenal women first team. I would highly recommend you read it. Either Aidan or I (or both of us) will likely write about the subject for TSF, but we’d like to give it the appropriate amount of time and consideration to do it properly.

What have you come across recently online that was interesting? It doesn’t have to be Arsenal or even sports-related. I was recently sent Instagram word of the day posts with two words that I did not know: cynophilist and defalcation. The former means someone who is favorably disposed towards dogs. The latter is the theft, misuse, or misappropriation of funds held by an official trustee or other fiduciary. The more you know.