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Tuesday Cannon Fodder: Happy Halloween!

Indonesia Celebration Halloween Photo by Aman Rochman/NurPhoto via Getty Images

Happy Halloween, TSFers! I hope your day is as spooktacular as you want it to be, whether that be not at all or turned up to eleven. I have friends who go all out every year because Halloween is their favorite holiday. And I’ve got friends who really can’t be bothered.

It’ll be a lowkey holiday for me. For starters, my building isn’t all that big on Halloween. There are plenty of kids in the building, but for whatever reason, they don’t trick or treat in here. Second, Gunner the rescue pup does not like people knocking on the door — he feels the need to bark / howl to “defend” his humans and space. So we’re just going to put a bowl of candy outside the door and request that people only take a few pieces each. Our results have varied with that request over the years.

What are your plans for Halloween? Did you celebrate over the Hallo-weekend? Are you and / or your kids dressing up and trick or treating tonight? What are you going as? Does your neighborhood / community / town have any special Halloween traditions?