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Wednesday Cannon Fodder: Sporcle time!


Good morning TSFers and happy hump day. Tomorrow is Thursday, which means that Friday and the weekend are just around the corner. Aren’t 4-day weeks great? I hope that those of you who, like me, were fired up about the 0-0 draw with Newcastle have come down a bit. I’m slowly getting there.

Today’s Sporcle should be an easier one because it should be front of mind — 2022 FIFA World Cup Players A-Z. You have to name any one of the players at the World Cup whose last name started with each letter. Except for “Q” because there were no players whose last name started with it. Oh for the halcyon days of Ricardo Quaresma and his unmatched love for a rabona. Why would you ever hit the ball with your non-dominant foot when you could swing your dominant one behind your standing leg to play the ball?

I’m expecting to see reports in the comments of 100% scores on the quiz.