IKTS Week 7: At home to Everton.

Arsenal could only score on a single goal opportunity while there was significant vulnerability on the counter, and Manchester United did capitalize on three occasions, with Aaron Ramsdale unable to do much as he was left to his fate, one on one for all three goals. Saka's equalizer at the hour resulted in more attacking desire, but it opened too much space for the opposition. Martinelli scored a very Martinelli goal, but it was bound to be chalked off, as the VAR officials came up with several very poor decisions all over the weekend. Just ask West Ham and Newcastle how they feel about VAR. We are still in first place, as Manchester City could not beat Aston Villa, and the reigning Champions could have actually lost the game on a bad mistake by a lineman who wrongly called a player offside seconds before Aston Villa score a would have been winning goal.

On Saturday, Everton versus Liverpool ended 0-0, as did Newcastle versus Crystal Palace. Another draw was the aforementioned Aston Villa versus Manchester City fixture that ended up 1-1. Two London derbies, Chelsea versus West Ham, and the noisy neighbors versus Fulham, ended both 2-1. In the Hamptons (LOL) derby, Wolverhampton won 1-0 against Southampton. Nottingham Forest went up 2-0 but conceded three times to Bournemouth who won the five goal affair between two relegation candidates. Finally, Brentford beat Leeds 5-2 with a Toney hat trick (including a sumptuous free kick, plus another great strike, beside a penalty conversion) in a game that saw Leeds American manager getting a red card, and the same score of 5-2 came along again on Sunday in the Brighton versus Leicester fixture, putting Brendan Rogers in deep trouble.

Overall, the 14 active participants combined for 66 points, for an average of 4 and 5/7 points per active participant, and we had a grand total of 8 correct IKTS predictions.

IMPORTANT NOTE: There will be a separate series of threads for the Cup competitions this year. Do not miss any!

Scores for the week:

Mulz 8 (2)
Ray from Norfolk 8 (2)
billvacation 7 (1)
hansdampf 7 (1)
Sonny from Suffolk 7 (1)
ClevelandJames 6 (0)
Seidman 5 (1)
skinnejay 5 (0)
AsemBuckets 3 (0)
ben from portsmouth 3 (0)
rswansont 3 (0)
luismamontes 2 (0)
Purple & Proud 2 (0)
Geaux_HR 0 (0)

Stars of the week: Mulz and Ray from Norfolk are in first with 8 points (and two correct IKTS predictions each) with billvacation, handsampf, and Sonny from Suffolk in third with 7 points (and one correct IKTS prediction each) while Geaux_HR had an uncharacteristically bad week.

Clever pick of the week: Both Mulz and Ray from Norfolk had the correct score for Chelsea versus West Ham (along with billvacation) as well as for Tottenham versus Fulham, along with hansdampf, Seidman, and Sonny from Suffolk.

Crisis pick of the week: A collective crisis due to the outcomes of the Liverpool, Manchester City, and Arsenal games, but billvacation was close enough for the Arsenal game, being the only participant predicting a draw for Arsenal at Manchester United while all the others predicted Arsenal to win.

Scores after week 7:

skinnejay 54 (9)
luismamontes 51 (8)
Sonny from Suffolk 51 (8)
Mulz 49 (7)
Ray from Norfolk 49 (6)
Geaux_HR 47 (6)
AsemBuckets 47 (5)
Purple & Proud 45 (7)
rswansont 42 (4)
hansdampf 41 (3)
ben from portsmouth 39 (3)
ClevelandJames 39 (3)
billvacation 37 (5)
Seidman 36 (5)
DustyGooner 9 (2)

After week 7, skinnejay leads luismamontes and Sonny from Suffolk by three points.

Upcoming schedule: Saturday September 10, Sunday September 11, and Monday September 12:

Fulham - Chelsea
Bournemouth - Brighton
Leicester - Aston Villa
Liverpool - Wolverhampton
Southampton - Brentford
Manchester City - Tottenham
Arsenal - Everton
West Ham - Newcastle
Crystal Palace - Manchester United
Leeds - Nottingham Forest